Optus Mobile Booster - Vehicle Solution CDR7195

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Optus Mobile Booster Cel-Fi + 930mm Omni RFI Antenna (CDR7195) + Internal Antenna

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930mm Omni RFI Antenna (CDR7195)

4G LTE Antenna The all in one CDR7195 offers 6.5dB of gain and comes with a stainless steel spring. The CDR model offers a removable whip on top of the standard CD antenna series. Due to the detable antenna and a slight more robust spring than the CD series, the CRDR is longer.

  • 5 Meter Cable
  • Height: 930 mm
  • Australian Made

Optus Mobile Booster Cel-Fi

The Cel-FI Go Smart mobile phone boosters are the only Optus approved mobile phone booster on the market. The Cel-FI unit has built in artificial intelligence which selects the best mobile phone band to boost to provide you with the best mobile phone coverage.

The Cel-Fi GO needs to be connected too an external antenna and an internal antenna. The external antenna will find the mobile phone signal which is than passed to the Cel-Fi GO. The GO will than boost the signal and re-transmit via the internal antenna for anyone within a 10 meter range to receive.

The Cel-FI GO is IP54 rated which means it can handle the dust and light rain showers you will experience on your trips. This solution is ideal for Trucks, Vehicles, Motor homes and boats.

- 3G / 4G / 4GX Voice and Data
- Multi-User Mobile Coverage
- Multi-Band Support
- Indoor / Outdoor IP54 Rated
- Network Safe
- Configure for Mobile or Stationary use via Wave app


Internal Antenna

The internal antenna which connects up to the Cel-Fi GO mobile device to re-transmit the amplified signal.

  • SMA Mal Connection
  • 4 meter cable
  • Adhesive mount

Height - 6.7 mm

Width - 22 mm

Length - 116 mm

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