Choosing the right Vehicle / Truck Mobile Phone extender.

The way a mobile phone extender works is broken down into 3 parts. Firstly, you will need an external antenna. This is the antenna that will try it’s best to pick up any mobile phone signal in your area and send it down to the second part, the Cel-fi GO.  The Cel-fi GO unit will collect the signal sent from the external antenna and amplify the signal.  This amplified signal is then sent to the internal antenna to re-transmit the amplified mobile phone signal. The internal antenna will send a signal for up to 10 meters in range, giving anyone with your network of carrier (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) extra mobile phone coverage.

 Cel-Fi 4WD Mobile Phone Booster


To make choosing the right external antenna for your situation easier, Remote Site Technologies has selected the 3 most popular options and has made up the chart below to help you understand the differences. The booster and internal antennas are the same on all 3 models.  The Cel-fi G31 is best for either Telstra or Optus (the units will only work with one provider). The difference between the models is the external antenna used. We have chosen to supply the best all-rounder antenna from RFI (Australian Made Antennas) with 6.5 dBi gain, as this is the best antenna for Australian wide use. If you would like an antenna for use in only hilly areas or flat areas, please refer to our “Explaining Gain” guide to see what’s best for your situation.

Since all of our solutions offer a 6.5dBi gain, the difference in the antennas are the overall features. Depending on where you are traveling and where you want to mount the antenna, this will help you pick the right solution for you.


Choosing Where to Mount Your Mobile Booster Antenna:

For most 4WD or trucks, there are 3 locations people normally look to mount their mobile booster antennas.

  1. Bull bar:
Cel-Fi Unit Bullbar Mount

 Advantage: Easy to separate from the indoor antenna,

Disadvantage: Not everyone has a bull bar, have to make sure the antenna is 300mm away from other antenna (satellite, UHF).


  1. Bonnet Mount:
Mobile Phone booster antenna mounted

Advantage: Easy separation from other antennas

Disadvantage: Not all antennas are bonnet mountable


  1. Roof Rack mount:
Mobile Phone Roof Mounted antenna mobile phone booster

Advantage: Easy to separate from other antennas an indoor antenna, Best for overall signal

Disadvantage: Not ideal for city & bush use (due to low bridges and carparks)

 Antenna Break Down:


Re-moveable Antenna

Length(including spring)

Heavy Duty

Bull-bar Mountable

Bonnet Mountable

Roof Rack Mountable





















Yes *

*Consider fold down mount (extra cost)


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