Iridium Push To Talk

The Iridium Push To Talk (PTT) solution enables communications over satellite, like you would receive over radio with one big difference. The Iridium solution doesn’t require any costly or range limiting towers to operate. With a simple few clicks of a button, you can have new talk groups setup and staff in the field can be communicating from anywhere on earth, back to your office or home base.  Utilizing Iridium’s unique satellite network of moving satellites, coverage even in the most mountainous landscape is no issues.


Iridium’s PTT network allows the operator to setup talk groups on the web portal then draw the area in which they need the handsets to operate on a map. Once the handsets have been assigned to the talk group, they will have the ability to have unlimited satellite communication from anywhere within the drawn area. The talk group can also have multiple areas. For example, you might want your staff in your Brisbane office to be able to communicate with your staff in far remote Queensland. To make this happen, you just need to draw a circle around your office location and one around the location where your staff are operating. You can now have un-interrupted communications between all critical staff on the project. You no longer need to setup a radio network when you arrive on sight, then backhaul that back to your office. Iridium has developed a number of different handheld and fixed options to give you a product for every situation.


PTT Handset

Iridium 9575 PTT Handheld - Voice & PTT

Iridium 9575 Push To Talk PTT Satellite Phone

 The Iridum 9575 PTT handset offers both voice communications and the ability to be switched to work on the Iridium PTT network. Designed to work in rugged environments with built in GPS and an SOS button, the 9575 gives you a complete communication solution in the palm of your hand.


  • IP65 rated – jet-water, shock & dust resistant
  • Phone Mode Battery – up to 54 hours in standby and 6.5 hours talk time
  • PTT Mode battery – 16.5 hours battery in standby and 5 hours in talk time
  • SMS messaging capable
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Compact rugged design


ICOM IC- SAT100 - PTT Only


The ICOM IC-SAT 100 combines a robust radio body, with Iridium satellite technology. Looking and feeling like a traditional radio, the SAT100 offers a long-lasting battery, built in emergency button and Bluetooth. When combined with the Iridium PTT network, you gain access to a low delay voice communication network, which can be defined in seconds.  Allowing for ultimate adaptability and responsiveness.


  • Real Time, Low Latency Communication
  • Built-in Emergency Key
  • Waterproof, Dust-tight and Durable Body
  • 1500 mW Powerful Audio
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
  • Secure Conversations with AES encryption
  • Short Data Message function
  • Voice Recording function
  • Multiple language display (English, Chinese, French, Japanese &Spanish)
  • Built-in Bluetooth®
  • Integrated GNSS receiver
  • SMA type antenna connector for an external antenna



ICOM IC-SAT100m - PTT Only

Icom SAT-100m Push to Talke Iridium Handset

The ICOM IC-SAT100m is designed to work in a fixed building or vehicle with a rugged handset (IP67 rated). The terminal has built in Bluetooth, GPS and can be connected to a 100m cable for installation in large buildings.


  • Voice recording function
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • IP67 handset – Waterproofing and dust-tight protection
  • Max 100m cable length (not included)


Iridium Push To Talk (PTT) Command Centre


The Iridum Command Centre (Online Portal) is designed to be easy to use and quick to make changes. Once any changes are made to the portal, the units in the field will be updated within minutes. Within the portal, you have the ability to place handsets in and out of talk groups and also draw circle or squares of area that the handsets will work within. Talk groups come in 5 different sizes -

 Group Name Group Size km2
Small 100,000
Medium 300,000
Large 750,000
Extra Large 1,500,000
Super 2,250,000


Depending on how many radios you have connected and how large of a talk group your require, additional costs may apply for the larger talk groups.



The 9575 PTT Handset has the ability to make calls to standard numbers where as the 2 ICOM units can only be used on the Iridium PTT Network.

The below plans are per unit. In PTT mode, the devices have unlimited talk

 Plan Name PTT & Voice PTT Only
3 Month Plan - Per Month $184.95 $164.95
12 Month Plan - Per Month $124.95 $104.95
 Satellite Phone Mode
 Outgoing Call $0.99 Per 30 seconds Plus .40 Flag Fall
SMS $0.50 per 160 Characters


Talk Groups
 PTT Talk Group Small Medium Large X-Large Super
PTT Talk Group Coverage Area (km2) 100,000 300,000 750,000 1,500,000 2,250,000
Talk Group monthly Fee (per talk group) $0/$220 $0/390 $1550 $3500 TBA


Total monthly subscription fee = (number of PTT handsets x PTT plan monthly access fee) + PTT talk group subscription fee. Free Small Or Medium Talk group per 5 connected services

Example one: 3 PTT handsets on PTT Only plans 12 months term and small PTT talk group will incur monthly subscription fee of (3 x $109) + $220 = A$547 inc GST
Example two: 7 PTT handsets on PTT Only plans 12 months term and medium PTT talk group will incur monthly subscription fee of (7 x $109) + $0 = A$763 inc GST.



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