Yagi Antenna for boosting mobile phone coverage

When looking to fix mobile phone coverage issues in a building, we need to select the best internal antenna and external antenna for the situation. Please feel free to call one of our experts at anytime, to discuss your unique situation and get advice on which antenna will work best for you.


The Cel-Fi mobile phone booster, works by pulling down a signal from the external antenna, then amplifying that signal, and pushing it out via the internal antenna. Remote Site Technologies, offers 3 external antenna options and 3 internal antenna options to make sure you get the most out of your Cel-Fi unit.

Ce-Fi Mobile Phone Booster in house 


External Antenna

There are 3 different external options you can connect to your Cel-Fi stationary unit.


  1. Highly Directional Yagi Antenna – The best solution if your mobile phone signal is a long way away. The Antenna requires a very precise install, with a degree of error at only 5-10 degrees. We recommend having an authorized installer install all Yagi antenna to receive maximum benefit.
Yagi Antenna for Mobile Phone boosting


  1. Less precious directional Wideband Antenna – The Wideband antenna, attempts to offer half the range of the Yagi antenna, with the simplicity of the Omni direction antenna. Simply install and point the antenna in the direction of the mobile phone signal you wish to pull down. The Wideband still requires an understanding of where the closest mobile phone tower is located, allowing the antenna to be pointed in that direction.
Mobile Phone wideband phone


  1. Omni direction antenna – An omni-directional antenna does not need to be pointed toward the direction of where the signal is coming from and will receive a signal from 360 degrees. The antenna can be roof, gutter or wall mounted. This is perfect for situations where the signal can be received outside the building, however, the walls or other structures are stopping it from making it into the building.

Mobile Phone Booster antenna


Internal Cel-Fi stationary unit:

The Cel-Fi Pro repeater is the only approved mobile phone booster, compatible with Telstra & Optus.  When buying your solution, please make sure you select either Telstra or Optus. If you need extra coverage in your office for both Telstra and Optus, you will need to look at buying two units.

The Cel-Fi unit, is the brains that makes the whole mobile booster solution work. The unit will take 1 bar of coverage and boost it up to 5 bars, before sending it out via the internal antenna. Once attached to the external antennas and setup, you shouldn’t need to touch the terminal again. You will enjoy better mobile coverage instantly. Cel-Fi Unit

 Internal Antenna.

When you purchase a stationary Cel-Fi device, you will have a choice of buying the unit with 1 or 2 internal antennas. If you have a situation where you need more antenna, our friendly staff can assist in building this solution for you.


Wall Mount Panel Antenna – Wall Mounted panel antennas are directional. This means they send a direct beam out from the front face of the antenna, making them perfect for sending a signal out in 1 direction.  For example, if you wanted to send mobile phone coverage out to your shed or down a long hallway, the panel antenna gives you the mobile phone coverage in a very directional way.

Flat Panel Satellite Antenna


Ceiling Dome Antenna- The Ceiling dome pushes out the mobile phone signal in a 360 degree beam, making it the perfect solution for homes and offices, where a ceiling mount is preferred.  The dome is 18 mm high, making it perfect to be mounted on a roof.  If you require more coverage, multiple domes can be installed in one building.

Roof Mountable Omni Directional Antenna


Adhesive Mount Antenna – Normally used with the Cel-Fi GO units, the adhesive antenna is easy to install and hide within the building.  We only recommend this antenna if you are struggling to have good separation between the outdoor and indoor antennas.

Cel-Fi internal antenna

If you would like assistance selecting the right solution for your building, please reach out to one of our helpful staff.


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