Traveling around Cape York

 Cape York & Cooktown | Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

If you are heading up to Cape York on your next trip, below are just a few pointers we have picked up over the years of traveling in that region.


North Queensland Must Check List

  • Grab a drink at the Lions Den Hotel which is just outside of Cooktown
  • Then Visit Archer Point – Cape of just visit for a few hours and take in the beauty
  • Finch bay – Located behind the botanical gardens in Cooktown a must see for beach lovers.
  • Heading to Weipa , you must go to Lake Patricia. Awesome bird watching if you have your binoculars
  • Finally look info spending the night at Pajinka (frangipani Bay). You get a free camping permit with your return ferry ticket which is well worth the stay.


Did you know that only 27% of Australia’s landmass has mobile phone coverage and that 27% coverage is always located around town’s or cities? If you are heading into Northern Queensland and up to Cape York, be sure to make sure you have your communications sorted well before you head away. It’s critical to understand how to use your satellite phone or satellite internet device to ensure if an issue does arise, you know exactly what to do to get the assistance you need.  


Not every satellite phone / network is created equally. Different phones have better signal in different regions of Australia due to their satellite locations. If you were solely traveling to Cape York and wanted to hire or buy the best phone for this region, we strongly suggest an Inmarsat satellite phone. Inmarsat has 1 satellite we connect too in this region and that 1 satellite is located to the east of PNG. This means that being up in Northern Queensland, you will be very close to the satellite which allows for easier line of site, for registering the phone on the network. If you are after any more trick and tips about using satellite equipment in Cape York please reach out to one of our friendly customer service team.



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